Hear A Scriptural Response To Rob Bell From Bobby Conway As Well As A Panel Discussion With Questions From The Audience

Bill Whittle ~ Obama's Half-Time (two years in)

Bill Whittle ~ Response to the State of the Union (2011)

Bill Whittle ~ The Free Frontier (NASA and the Private Space Age)

Bill Whittle ~ Obama's Friends & Enemies

Bill Whittle ~ The End of the Beginning (Union Protests)

BIll Whittle ~ EAT the RICH!

Bill Whittle ~ Christmas 2010, A Nation of Desire

Bill Whittle ~ THE ENIGMA, PART 1


Atheist and "scientist" Lawrence Krauss makes the ridiculous claim that classical logic (like 2+2=4) is wrong (bad audio)

Philosopher and scholar Dr. William Lane Craig debates atheist Sam Harris (University of Notre Dame, April 7, 2011)

1. Vintage Jesus: Is Jesus the Only God? (Mark Driscoll)

2. Vintage Jesus: How Human Was Jesus? (Mark Driscoll)

3. Vintage Jesus: What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross? (Mark Driscoll)

4. Vintage Jesus: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? (Mark Driscoll)

5. Vintage Jesus: Where is Jesus Today? (Mark Driscoll)

6. Vintage Jesus: What Will Jesus Do Upon His Return? (Mark Driscoll)

7. Vintage Jesus: Why Should We Worship Jesus? (Mark Driscoll)

8. Vintage Jesus: What Makes Jesus Superior to other Saviors? (Mark Driscoll)

9. Vintage Jesus: How Did People Know Jesus Was Coming? (Mark Driscoll)

10. Vintage Jesus: Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? (Mark Driscoll)

11. Vintage Jesus: Why Did Jesus' Mom Need to be a Virgin? (Mark Driscoll)

12. Vintage Jesus: What Difference Has Jesus Made In History? (Mark Driscoll)

Rabbi David Blumofe & Messianic Jew Dr. Raymond Brown Debate Who hesus Is

Bart Ehrman and Mike Licona debate the resurrection of Jesus

An Issues Etc. Interview with Dr. John Warwick Montgomery about the resurrection of Jesus

Dr. DA Carson speaks on doubting the resurrection of Jesus at a THINK event

Dr. Gary Habermas on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus during a lecture at UNC Chapel Hill

Bob and Gretchen Passantino deal with many common and typical defense of atheism by atheists. Although the Passantinos did this interview on Catholic Answers, they are actually Lutherans.

Gary Habermas and Antony Flew (then, a full blown atheist) debate and discuss the merits of Jesus' resurrection. Did it actually happen?

William Lane Craig (theist) and Louise Antony (atheist) discuss their views on God's goodness (helps in the Euthyphro understanding)

Westminster Chapel March, 2008. Gary Habermas, N. T. Wright, and Antony Flew speak on God, religion, atheism, the Bible, Jesus, and the controversy on Flew's book There is a God.


John Warwick Montgomery Talks To Sam Harris' "Scientism" and "Philosophy"

The Goldstone Report Refuted and Commented on by Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager reports on the author of the Goldstone Report ~ a 500[+] paper lambasting Israel and adopted at the U.N. and other media and liberal outlets as proof of Israeli aggression against innocent peoples ~ rejecting his own work. He also discusses the "retraction" of sorts by the NYT that was buried in the back of the paper versus all the times they ran the report in headlines on its front pages over the years.

For more clear thinking like this from Dennis Prager... I invite you to join Pragertopia:

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery Answers Some "New Atheist" Challenges

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery Responds to Ehrman Audio Clips


Leftists Think They Are Anarchists

"Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America" Author Interviewed By Dennis Prager

Interview of Author on "Obamacare" from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

Dennis Prager interviews one of the contributing authors of the book, "Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America," Grace-Marie Turner. A Caller challenges a supposed premise that causes many to think Obamacare is valuable to the body-politic. Grace-Marie responds well.