A Zinger of a Response to Newt's Involvement in Freddie and Fannie

The Party of the Little Guy the Richest

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Larry Elder Notes the 8-to-10% Advantage the Media Gives to Democratic Candidates

An Open Letter to Hispanics/Latinos on Immigration by Dennis Prager

Open Letter to Hispanics by Dennis Prager from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

An open letter by Dennis Prager in regards to immigration directed at the population south of our border... read by "Out Loud Opinion."

Out Loud Opinion:

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Dennis Prager Explains Some Middle-East History to a Student Befuddled by History Text Book

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Does the Left Help or Hinder Science?


Hoover Institution`s Peter Robinson Sits Down with Thomas Sowell

In this wide-ranging interview marking the publication of his new book, The Thomas Sowell Reader, Thomas Sowell, the Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution, discusses, with Hoover research fellow Peter Robinson, his life, Barack Obama, class warfare, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and the influence of Milton Friedman. 


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The Genetic Fallacy

Ever hear an atheist say, "You're only a Christian because you grew up with Christian parents" (a favorite by Richard Dawkins)? Or "You're only a Christian because you're lonely"? We've all heard arguments that come in this variety. Little do these atheists know they are committing the genetic fallacy. Just because it may be the case that Christian parents raised their child a Christian doesn't necessarily mean that Christianity is therefore false. If my English teacher acted like a jack ass that doesn't mean the rules of English grammar he taught me are therefore wrong. If a student had a pedophile mathematics professor teach him that one plus one equals two does that mean the equation is wrong? Of course not.

Via John Piipoo:

Dinesh D'Souza, in his new book Life After Death: The Evidence, talks about the genetic fallacy as used, he feels, by certain atheists. For example, it is a sociological fact that the statement Religious diversity exists is true. If you were born in India, as D.Souza was, you would most likely be a Hindu rather than a Christian or a Jew (as D'Souza was). While that sociological statement is true, its truth has (watch closely...) no logical relevance as regards the statements such as The Hindu worldview is true, or Christian theism is true. D' Souza writes:

"The atheist is simply wrong to assume that religious diversity undermines the truth of religious claims... [T]he fact that you learned your Christianity because you grew up in the Bible Belt [does not] imply anything about whether those beliefs are true or false. The atheist is guilty here of what in logic is called the "genetic fallacy." The term does not refer to genes; it refers to origins. Think of it this way. If you are raised in New York, you are more likely to believe in Einstein's theory of relativity than if you are raised in New Guinea. Someone from Oxford, England, is more likely to be an atheist than someone from Oxford, Mississippi. The geographical roots of your beliefs have no bearing on the validity of your beliefs." (38-39)


Jeffrey Lord Wrote An Article about Ron Paul That Is Discussed Between himself and Michael Medved

What Lasting Effect Did the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Have on the Gulf States?

You Hear Some People Say It Is Getting Warmer, Others Say It Is Getting Cooler?

What Seeds the Clouds, Scientists Starting to Find Out

Here is an article and a post on the matter:
  1. CERN Finds "Significant" Cosmic Ray Cloud Effect
  2. BREAKING NEWS – CERN Experiment Confirms Cosmic Rays Influence Cloud Seeds

Is Co2 Driving Global Temperatures?

Penn Jillette Using His Same ol'Tired Misrepresented View of the 1st Amendment

On the Adam Corolla Show Penn Jillette hints that Congress cannot even memorialize religious beliefs in any way. He -- obviously -- does not know the history of (the pre-drafts to the First Amendment) and the interpretations of it by the people who wrote it. I have written and borrowed others writings on this matter and combined them here for the curious:​doc/​34742705/​Separation-of-Church-and-State

Here is a companion video to assist in referencing the claims:

Dr. William Lane Craig Recaps His Debate with Atheist, Sam Harris

Norah O’Donnell at CBS can’t believe Republicans would nominate a candidate who didn’t believe in Global Warming


Is the Republican Party Truly the Party of the Rich?

Who Has Really Invested Thought Into Solving Our Budgetary Woes? Republicans or Democrats

This Medved discussion goes well with Charles Krauthammer hammering Dems on "putting it to paper."​videos/​charles-krauthammer-accuses-press-accepting-every-leak-out-white-house

Reagan got promises from the Democrats as part of deals to raise debt ceilings and taxes in lieu of decreased spending. Never happened, they lied.

For more clear thinking like this from Michael Medved... I invite you to become a Medhead:​

Rich People Put Their Money in Mattresses and Spend It on Mistresses

A friend pointed out that even if they spent their money on mistresses it would be into the economy and "saving" jobs (jewelry, coats, shoes,bars,hotels, and the like).

Larry Elder's Short Opinion Piece on MSNBC Hiring Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews Misquote Reagan ~ Larry Elder Plays the Entire Quote

Medved's Opening Monologue On the Norway Shooter ~ Anders Behring Breivik

Ravi Zacharias Masterfully Shows How Wide the Divide is Between God and I [Mankind]

Making California Tax Payers Foot the Bill for the Education of Illegal Aliens (John & Ken)

Dennis Prager & David horowitz Talk Media Bias and the Norway Shooter

Which Are Better: Male or Female Doctors?

Dennis Prager reads from a NYT's article written by a female medical professional talking about the differences between the sexes in regards to contribution to medicine via time worked towards patient care.

here is the article:​2011/​06/​12/​opinion/​12sibert.html?_r=1

From another article:

Women who are just starting out in their medical careers earn less money than their male counterparts. And that's probably a good thing, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Health Affairs.

Let me explain.

It's well known that women tend to earn less than men even when they're in the same jobs. As of 2009, the so-called gender wage gap was nearly 23%, meaning that for each dollar earned by men, women earned only 77 cents.

When it comes to doctors, there are several explanations for the pay gap. For instance, women are more likely to go into primary care fields such as internal medicine, family practice and pediatrics that pay less than specialties such as cardiology, radiology and orthopedic surgery. In addition, many women choose to work fewer hours than men, resulting in lower pay.

When these kinds of factors were taken into account, the researchers found no difference between starting salaries for male and female doctors in 1999. But when they looked at data from 2008, there was a $16,819 gap.

What's going on?

Could the pay differential reflect the fact that more men have been in the profession longer and thus have more seniority, on average, than women? No, because the researchers limited their analysis to doctors who had just finished their residency or fellowship training and were about to start their first real jobs. (The data came from 8,233 young physicians who completed their training between 1999 and 2008 in New York state, home to more residents and fellows than any other state.)

Could the pay gap reflect the fact that women choose lower-paying specialties than men? No, because the statistical analysis controlled for that. Besides, the researchers said, over the course of the study the proportion of women choosing primary care positions fell from 49% in 1999 to 34% in 2008, at which point it was roughly equal to that of men. In any event, the data revealed a gender pay gap in almost every specialty. (One exception was general surgery -- the average starting salary for women was $196,721, nearly $11,000 higher than the $185,881 earned by men.)

Could the difference reflect a bias in favor of male doctors? Unlikely, according to the researchers -- once the pay gap had disappeared in the late 1990s, there's little reason to think it would return a decade later.

The answer, they speculate, is that women are choosing lower-paying jobs on purpose because they offer greater flexibility in hours and are generally more family-friendly. The researchers acknowledge they don't have the data to prove that this is the case, but the data they do have is consistent with this theory.

If so, they say, that would be a victory for women (and even men.) Studies show that many doctors are burned out and would rather take jobs that allow them to have a good quality of life. Now -- thanks in large part to the growing ranks of female doctors -- such jobs are available. They just come with lower salaries.

“Instead of being penalized because of their gender, female physicians may be seeking out employment arrangements that compensate them in other -- nonfinancial -- ways, and more employers may be beginning to offer such arrangements," the researchers wrote.


(Myths of Vietnam) How the 93rd/94th Congress Undermined the Peace and Left America's Allies in Cambodia & South Vietnam Defenseless

(Myths of Vietnam) We Were Beat by the North Vietnamese’s Superior Fighting Force

Bruce Herschensohn Discusses Vietnam and Democratic Surrender

(Myths of Vietnam) America as An Imperialist Force

Michael Medved (in this edited version of this Lie #1) talks to the reasons and history behind us entering the Vietnam war. This can be listened to in whole via iTunes free subscription to American Conservative University's channel, or on their website:​

For more clear thinking like this from Michael Medved... I invite you to become a Medhead:​

Bottom Line ~ Obama Ignored His Own Commission

Michael Medved Takes a Call from a Listener Who Blames the TEA Party for the Downgrade

Larry Elder Discusses Some Of The Issues And Cost Surrounding America's Black Hole Of Debt.

UCLA Professor Tim Grosclose Shows how Statistical Analysis can Show Media, which He writes About In His Book: “Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind”

Dennis Prager interviews Dambisa Moyo, author of "Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is Another Way for Africa."

Listen to Atheiosts Themselves Say They Cannot Live Without God (Geisler)

"Science is my Religion" ~ McVeigh: Another quick refutation of Timothy McVeigh being thought of as a Christian in a discussion about the Norway shootings

Dennis Prager interviews Rep. Tom Price (6th Congressional District, GA) about his new book, "Saving the American Miracle: The Destruction and Restoration of American Values."

John Phillips filling in for Larry Elder is joined by Tammy Bruce

Prager reads an article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the Failure of Green Jobs

Dennis Prager Interviews Economist Walter Williams About His New Book, “Race and Economics”

Professor Williams Book at Amazon: 


A 757 Does What Truthers Say Is Impossible

The 9/11 Truth Movement believes THIS is impossible. Royal New Zealand airshow. Ground speed, 500 mph


An Icon of Pluralism Demolished

"True for You, But Not for Me" ~ Dr. Geisler Tackles Relativism

Dr. Geisler Comments On Antony Flew's Conversion

His Name Is JESUS! (The Goodes)

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Who are the Real Racist? Republicans or Democrats

Medved Details Some Crazy Leftist Rants by Howard Dean and Maxine Waters

Medved Discusses the Many Gaffes in Political History

This video is intimately involved with my blog on the most recent examples:
  1. Breitbart on Media Bias Against Conservative Women
  2. Are Michele Bachmann Gaffes Really Gaffes?

"Drawing" on History: Artistic Ape Ancestors (password protected)

Origin of the Races -- Best Theology/Science to Combat Racism and Racist Ideals Inherent to Evolution (password protected)


Typical of the Left, Attack Conservative Women Like No Other (Democratic Chauvinism)

Ann Coulter Interviewed by Dennis Prager -- Bastille Day (the French Revolution) Is Discussed

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Two Key [& Good] U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Never In Human history... Ever! (Same Sex Marriage)