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The Lost Book of Abraham DVD and the Deception of the Mormon Church

The Book of Abraham is a little known book located in The Pearl of Great Price written by the founder of the Mormon religion, Joseph Smith. Smith claimed that the original manuscript he translated back in the 1800s was originally written by the Abraham of the Bible. Could Joseph Smith be right? Could this book belong in the canon of Scripture as Mormons claim?

Watch this very well done documentary by IRR (the Institute for Religious Research, a Christian apologetics ministry), and learn the truth about this book. You'll see the compelling evidence that The Book of Abraham was another fraudulent attempt by Joseph Smith to deceive his followers.


Jim Bakker Renounces The Prosperity Gospel As A Lie

Tic Toc Ministries Storms The Gates Of Hell! The adventure begins as God identifies the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and the false gospel that it has propelled all over the earth, as our Jericho. This stronghold is overcome by the word of God and by the powerful testimony of one of the forefathers of Christian media -- and of the prosperity gospel -- Jim Bakker. (FaithPreacher h/t)