Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford Makes Senator Boxer Look Silly

This is classic because the Democrats expect all minority persons to "fall in line" in regards to the Party line. If they do not, typically they are maligned and besmirched... one only need recall the Left's tolerance (quoting a poster at Politico, "mkat33"):

when the left attacked Clarence Thomas, why wasn't that about race? When the left attacked Alberto Gonzales, why wasn't that about race? When the left attacked Sarah Palin, why wasn't that about gender? You may think that those on the right are the haters, but I guarantee you'll never see a "Sonia Sotomayor is a C***" t-shirt. Sure, the Democrats have a bigger tent, but that's only to allow them to fit the hordes of intolerant stooges that blindly follow the left's politics of hate.
Enjoy... I did


William Lane Craig Gives Best Current Compilation of Theistic Arguments

William Lane Craig gives one of his best presentations on evidences for theism. It is directly aimed at the heart of atheistic arguments and destroys many of the straw-men placed by said atheists.

There is a short follow up by atheist professor Daniel Dennett that lasts about 10-minutes or so. Dr. Dennett really has no defense of his atheism in light of what just happened. He basically mentions that his non-knowledge will some day be filled in (atheism-of-the-gaps). Professor McGrath (theist) finishes up with about a 5-minute outro.

Theistic Evidences at Philsophers Convention from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.