11-Part Series On An Abusive Church

Using as a guide the EIGHT CHARACTERISTICS OF ABUSIVE CHURCHES given in an article by Patrick Zukeran of Probe Ministries called 'Abusive Churches', I'm going to show you how my former pastor, Bishop Dr. Thomas Alvin 'TA' Body, his co-pastor wife Darlene A. Body, of The Church of One Accord, Decatur, Georgia, operate to destroy marriages and family relationships, destroy reputations of those who disagree with them, and to what lengths they will go to do preserve power and image.

0 - Profile of an Abusive Church (Bishop TA Body): INTRODUCTION

1 - Profile of an Abusive Church: CONTROL-ORIENTED LEADERSHIP

2 - Profile of an Abusive Church: MANIPULATION OF MEMBERS

3 - Profile of an Abusive Church: RIGID, LEGALISTIC LIFESTYLE

4 - Profile of an Abusive Church: FREQUENT NAME CHANGING

5 - Profile of an Abusive Church: DENOUNCING OTHER CHURCHES

6 - Profile of an Abusive Church: PERSECUTION COMPLEX

7 - Profile of an Abusive Church: TARGETING YOUNG ADULTS

8 - Profile of an Abusive Church: PAINFUL EXIT PROCESS

9 - Profile of an Abusive Church: CONCLUSION

10 - Profile of an Abusive Church: A VISITOR'S ACCOUNT

  • Lawsuit against Bishop T.A. Body, Darlene Body, and OACC - http://nytnegro.angelfire.com/defamation.pdf
  • Letter sent to church elders regarding abuse allegations - http://nytnegro.angelfire.com/abuse.pdf
  • Email from anonymous visitor to One Accord Church - http://nytnegro.angelfire.com/inbox.pdf
  • Darlene Body's attempt to take out a false restraining order dismissed - http://nytnegro.angelfire.com/abuse.pdf
  • Article "Abusive Churches' by Pat Zukeran - http://www.batteredsheep.com/abusive.html

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